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Short description

Crossfoam analyses and visualises your filter bubbles on social media (so far only Twitter), so you can discover the extent to which your online community is an echo chamber or a place of diverse opinions. Fine-grained analysis allows you to explore your social network, diversify it, or - if you prefer - dig deeper into your bubble. Crossfoam thus becomes a tool for electronic self-determination.

In order to enable this experience, Crossfoam allows you to select your own social media account (or some else’s) and download this account’s network onto your local computer. Then a network analysis is performed, which tries to identify clusters within your network (bubbles). You can then use the build-in visualisation system or download the data to use in another application.

Crossfoam is build privacy first. All data, analysis and visualisation is happening on your local machine, no external services are involved.

Promotional image material

The following zip-folder contains the Crossfoam Logo and Icon:

Selection of Screenshots (in english and german):

Teaser Images (with and without Logo):

Press kit (zip, 10 MB)